Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Stand Corrected on a Previous Post about Shiner at Deer Lake's Log Cabin

Yesterday I received some comments from a lady (Sharon) who left some comments on my blog. Apparently they have gone to the ranch for a get away for the past four years. They stay in the Log Cabin, at the Deer Lake Cabins Double S Ranch. Anyhow in my entry below I mention a framed photograph of Shiner hanging on the wall in that cabin.  Sharon told me that the wall hanging of Shiner in the log cabin is NOT a photo it is a PAINTING! She took the photo and from that photograph, her mother painted the picture! Now that is a lot of talent! Her mother should see if she could sell her paintings of Shiner in the office store and split the profits with the owners! I might even buy one to hang in my RV! Anyhow I felt compelled to correct my mistake and to compliment Sharon and her mother for capturing the true essence of Shiner's beauty.

  “Shiner” the Infamous Ranch Dog at Double S Ranch in Texas

Hopefully these two love dogs, will get to catch up on old times this winter! 

I can't wait to see her again! 


  1. Thank you! Yes my mom used to sell paintings but doesn't anymore. Occasionally she will paint a photograph by request. I don't know if she is up for it yet. I think Shiner should have post cards, paintings or photographs, T-shirts and a special story on the news about her. Wish we could have met you at the ranch. Maybe we will someday.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    How are you,Dave & Shadow?
    Heading to Az. this winter? We ended up buying a foreclosure house on an acre in Congress, Az. We are down to one amazing dog: Pheebe ! Checker, Max and Cora all passed away last year.

    best regards,

    1. Hi Kelly Al and Pheebe!
      Nice to hear from you. Congrats on the purchase of your home, we will probably stay in Texas this year, we are working at the Ranch we were at last year.
      So sorry to hear about the loss of your dogs. Shadow is now 13 and slowing down some, I will be a real wreck when he is gone. It has been many years since I have grieved the loss of a dog I was 16! I still remember how difficult it was!
      I haven't blogged since our last trip, hope to do something soon, if not it was fun while it lasted.
      It gets hard to find the time. Anyhow, take care and thanks for the note!

  3. So.... When are you gonna post something new?! Your daughter wants something to read!

    1. Okay... I will start soon! We have some colder weather headed this way, it will be a good time to get started on this again!

      Thanks for the note and encouragement!


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