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Friends, Camp Fires and Companions

Events of November 17th 2012

The first night we were here we had a campfire and visited with Johnny for a couple of hours. It was nice catching up on things new and reminiscing on things past.

I was a little sad that Shiner wasn’t anywhere to be found, but other than that I really enjoyed it. Johnny must have sensed that I was thinking about my girl and he said, the other couple must have fed her steak once and she never forgot it!

So the next day Dave and Shadow and I went for a walk and I wanted to bring a cow …

                                                I meant a piece of beef! LOL


World's Largest Holstein Cow  Above by Richard Cummins      




                                      Texas Style:


World’s largest horns By Spooky on May 22nd, 2008 Category: Animals, Pics (This is actually a REAL animal who lives at an animal shelter! It protects a crippled horse! There are more photos if you click the hyperlink. (This will take you off the blog, so if you put your cursor on the blue righting and then right click your mouse, you can open in a new window or new tab).

Neither of these photos were copyright protected as far as I could tell. I left the hyperlinks to give credit to the source of the photo.

Anyhow, I decided not to bring any food, not even a dog treat. Even though I may be sad inside, I am always happier when the animals are happiest! If Shiner is happier with Kenny and Melisa than I am just going to have to get over it!

Back to our walk… when we passed the red barn DSCN4165 

Miss Shiner Came a tail wagging and stuck with us the rest of the day and into the night. She even hung around the campfire for a while. Shadow was so happy having his friend spend the day with him .She even hung around the campfire for a while.DSCN4221

We were about to call it a night and I knew if I saw this: DSCN5219-001 before closing the RV door I couldn’t live with myself. So Dave and I devised a plan!   I will go in first and Dave would  stay out for a few more minutes with the dogs and put the fire out!

That worked like a dream,  before I fell asleep I was thinking about Shiner and wondering where she would spend the night and where she would spend her day tomorrow.

As for Shadow, I am sure he can manage being the king of the throne!

                                                         0shadow nap 



  1. Shadow and Shiner,,what a couple of awesome dogs,,and you are such a pushover!!!! Hugs mary

  2. I am a push over! Thank God my criminal juststice Clients weren't dogs! LOL


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