Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Other Paint like Horses on the Ranch

This is in regards to a comment I received about a similar looking horse at the ranch.

Just to help those that have been at Deer Lake Cabins before, last year up until February 6th, Precious was in the paddock right across from Cedar Loft and Log Cabin. DC and Precious  (3)

She was in with DC. The reason I remember the date is because DC gave birth on Dave’s and my wedding anniversary!

FF 06th First Full Day 44

February 5th 2012 to a foal I called F.F. for Feb. 5, the Foal, now a yearlings name is Corry.


I couldn’t believe how much they grew in 9 months!

Here are some other colorful paint like horses on the ranch:

Bandit was right next to the red barn where the cutting horses are kept. This beautiful guy was sold so he is no longer on the ranch. Bandit horse 1 (2)  Bandit and Johnny 06

MR. T is a retired POA he is in the paddock right next to where Precious and DC were (across from Log Cabin).  Lady  (5) Lady  (3)

Then the riding horses would be Cody and Mister

Cody (3)  DSCN6417Mister  (2)  Mister  (9)

Then there are three paints by Honey Moon Hill, one black and white P1260446  hh5

So I guess Mister and the one by Honey Moon Hill look the closest to Precious.

As far as Precious goes, they buried her next to her Mother. I had to keep the curtains pulled down all morning because I didn’t want to see it. When Dave got home, I had asked him if it was done and he said yes, I asked him if Johnny was around and if he said a few words over her grave. He told me Johnny wasn’t around and that he and Pablo buried her.

So I went to her grave and shared a few things about her and her unborn and cried some more. I will remember her like this Precious  (2) eyeballing horse presents with her blue eye. 25th Precious 109It is hard to tell in this photo,

but her other eye was brown. Precious  (7) 

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