Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Four Dogs is a Handful!

From Feeding time to sleeping timeNov1819  (8) there is always a pat to give, a hug to give, a kiss to give, a sand thistle to get out, a medication to give or a drink of water to give! What a beautiful way to spend a day!
One of my  concerns about coming back to Deer Lake Cabins this time, was the ranch and I each having a second dog! I was concerned about the ranch dogs sleeping outside in the rain and cold, but knew I would be sleeping in the dog house if I brought four dogs in the camper!
I had already talked to Cathy and we had talked about me bringing the dogs to the office at 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. I usually get a mule to ride around while we are here, this year I needed a four seater,  02 Nov1819  (32)  03 Nov1819  (37)
they only had one and it was in pretty rough shape! I can handle some of the problems, but one being the headlight assembly was torn out was not one of them! I was not driving two miles (round trip) in the dark, picture this next photo without the light from my spot light, this is what it looks like around here at night!  01 Nov1819  (21) 
We weren’t even here a week, and the temperatures took a Wisconsin Winter Dive! I was out walking with the dogs and it started pouring, by the time we got back to the RV all five of us were wet and cold.
Dave was still working on the new Cabin, so I need to make an executive decision; I let Shiner and Blue in the back (we have a toy hauler, so basically it is our garage).  I dried the dogs off got a couple of cushions from the storage building, fed them, gave them water and I covered them up.    06 NOV2122 (212) Oh, I forgot to mention, I took our radio and one of our two space heaters out there and of course I  left the light on! Better than motel 6!
When Dave got home, I told him not to go in the back, of course he did, he went in the back and I heard some wrestling around back there. A few minutes later he came back in  unplugged our best heater and went back out by the dogs! A few minutes later he came back in with an old heater that he had stored back there.  He was concerned that the other heater wouldn’t keep the dogs warm enough! (I love him so much! ) We could only run the heaters on low, but we all managed to stay warm enough.
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