Monday, December 9, 2013

Shadow and Shylo’s First Long Road Trip Together!

 We know Shadow is a super trooper on the road, but this was our <br />First Long Trip with our new dog, Shylo. Full of energy and always <br />looking for the next thing to chase or do; we weren't quite sure how<br />it was going to go!  He really liked the luxery suite in the back, even <br />though he had to share it with his brother!Just like Shadow, he liked it when we went<br />             through small towns <br />and papa would put the window down for him.For Excitement, once in a while, they even switched sides! <br />Shadow is liking the view ( I think Dave is eating a ham sandwich)!Too much excitement for this old guy, <br />   he decided nap time was in order.Shylo is very happy to get his old spot back, he likes to put his<br />head on Dave's shoulder when were driving, I wasn't able to get a<br />photo of it, but  trust me, Shylo just loves cuddle time with Papa!Another change of postition is more than Shylo can bear,<br />        so he decide it was his turn for a little nap!Shadow really does love his brother, they share space so well!<br />  Shylo is working on his sneak tactic on getting as close to <br />        the front seat as he can without getting caught!I am almost there... just a little further and I will be in the <br />     front seat by papa! When I get there I think I will<br />           climb up on his lap for a little while.H1050242Busted! <br />    Maybe if I give her my sad eyes <br />      she will let me stau up front!When it got dark, I would  let Shylo sit on my lap for a while and <br />give Shadow time to stretch his old bones. When it was time for<br />Shylo to return to the back ... they made that work too!W1050242.JPG1
The Trip couldn’t have gone any better than it did, the dogs were great, better than I expected! I found  a way to put their water bowl on a shelf, scattered a couple of toys around, took them for walks when  Dave stopped for fuel and they were as content as could be.
Shylo seemed really nervous the first night in the RV, he had NO idea what we were doing! After day 2 he was his old self again.
Shadow was grinning ear to ear, because he knew where we were going, and he couldn’t wait to see Shiner again either!

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