Sunday, January 26, 2014

Star… Quit Horsing Around!

I was trying to get some decent photos of the outdoor riding arena, the area that they use to work with the Cutting Horses.
It is a large area and I could only get parts of it in my photos, so I  wasn’t happy with the outcome.

Then I came up with the idea to try to use height  to get a better advantage point. So I decided to bring a ladder over.
I went in through the aisle way Riding Arena 01 and set
it up  in front of the gate. Riding Arena 01  I climbed up the ladder and
was up on the second to last step and thought I got my jacket caught on something and started to loose my balance.
I was dumbfounded when I  looked down and saw what was really happening.

Apparently Star thought it was time for a carrot check! Her accomplice Kitty was right by her side.
After I got off the ladder, Shadow came to my rescue, he confronted the horses for messing with the “momma”!

25th Fancy Jr. and Dog 05
He was letting them know there would be consequences for their actions,…
which had Star begging for mercy! 25th Fancy Jr. and Dog 04
Shadow went easy on the sentence, but they still had to serve some time.
DSCN8850 All this because I wanted a stupid carrot!

Anyhow, the photos turned out okay, but I got more satisfaction out of the story!
Riding Arena 03     Riding Arena 022
                                      Riding Arena 06

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