Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting to Know Lucy the Ranch Manager’s Dog

DSCN3404 This is Lucy she is an outside dog, her owners are the people who manage Deer Lake Cabins now.  At her house she doesn’t have a porch to go under or a garage to go in so they got her a dog house. However she refuses to go in to it!

Lucy spends some of her time up here by the RV hanging out with Shadow, Shylo, and Blue. DSCN2983 She plays like crazy and  gets along great with the boys!

She has spent the night a couple of times, sleeping under the RV.

Broke my heart the night we had thunder storms when I realized she was still out there. So  I took a blanket out there and made a bed for her under the RV. I took out a bowl of food and put it next to the bed and now she enjoys sleeping under the RV!

She has never been in a house so of course she is not house trained, and I am not sure if she is treated monthly for flea and ticks.  I am trying so hard to not interfere with her outside dog status; but as she sits outside the door watching the other 3 climb up the ramp  DSCN3062 to the nice warm and dry camper the guilt kills me!

I never had an outside dog before so my way of thinking is that  all dogs should be house dogs and I just can’t comprehend the concept of an outside dog! If I had my way I would let all the horses in the camper too if I could! LOL

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