Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Helping my 14 year old dog deal with the Challenges of Aging :

Shadow Needed More Adjustments in the RV to Make His Life Safer and Easier!

I knew his eye sight was getting worse and it wasn’t  as good as it use to be, but I was shocked when I let him out to do his business one night before going to bed and saw him fall into the fire pit!

Thank God we did not have a fire that night! We put up additional lights right away so he can see a little better!

Then I started working on a way to make it much safer for him.  I got some lattice an attached metal stakes to it and put a fence up around the fire pit. It only takes a second to put it up or take it down, so now Shadow is safe and it works like a charm!  Misc -015 


Inside the RV we needed a couple more adjustments to help him out so I wanted to eliminate some furniture but I still needed something to put the laptop and heater on.

My solution was to make a corner laptop stand that only comes out a few inches from the wall and it is high enough that he can walk under it!    Misc -007   Misc -006Misc -002 Shadow can now get up turn around 3 times and lay exactly like he was before he got up (all without getting bang up by the metal pieces on the recliners)!

Then I started working on a stand for the heater and it eventually came to me that I could hang the heater up! So I was able to free up more floor space!  DSCN3469 

Dave is doing his part  to help Shadow adjust to the aging process, he built him a new ramp! This ramp is much longer which makes it less steep than the one we had.

Misc -014 Misc -013 

Shadow may need some side walls up on the ramp before too long.  His balance isn’t like it use to be, (sometimes he walks like a drunken Sailor) but so far he is doing okay without them.   

The Steps in the RV are working like a charm, I got to trim them down a bit and got new carpet pieces to put on them. The original RV stairs:  DSCN3074  

The new and improved Rv Stairs: Misc -001 

            I think Shadow is now all set, now maybe I can move onto my next project!


  1. Awesome how much you love your dogs, Shadow is blessed to have you and Dave as his people!!! Hugs from da Romittis

    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog, you are the greatest! As fas as being good to my dogs, I could do 1,000 more things a day for them and still not even come close to what they have done for me!

  2. You guys are lucky to have him for so long, and shadow is one lucky dog to be where he is. Kripe....our last 2 dogs lasted a combined 5 years.

    1. Thank you Greg for leaving a comment on my Blog! That really means a lot to me. I am blessed with Shadow and don't take any of those 14 years for granted! Everyday is a blessing. I am sorry your time with your best friends were WAY to short. God must have needed them for something really important up there! I love you! Thanks again


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