Sunday, March 1, 2015

Unbelievable!!! Stray Dog Returns On the Anniversary of Shiner’s Death


Do Dogs have a 6 sense? 

February 3rd, I was walking with Shadow and Shylo and I noticed a Corgi stuck to Shylo like glue! I knew it had to be Bandit! P2030154 (Bandit was a stray dog we took in last winter when he showed up by our RV).   Shiner and Blue’s entryway into staying in the RV!

Did Bandit come back on this date because to pay his respects to Shiner?

  February 3rd  was the one year anniversary of Shiner’s death , the infamous Ranch Dog at Deer Lake Cabins. 5742_10201409628182751_2106262655_n 

We went over by Shiner’s grave and the dogs and I paid our respects: Shadow took it the hardest Sad smile           P2030169 

I  thought it was interesting that Bandit shows up on this date!


Last year The Corgi spent a few days with us before we found his owner. (You can read about it on my blog by putting Corgi in the search bar). Here is a photo I took of Bandit’s first reunion with his owner): Captured Videos[4]

and a funny video I posted when he was here last year. or  (click the link below):

To my surprise Bandit had a collar and a tag with a phone number! It was the greatest thing ever, to see the owners actually took the time to make sure someone could find them easier if Bandit went astray again!

 P2030144 Bandit seemed to feel right at home with the boys!  I told the owner that Bandit could just spend the day with us and he could get him after work if he wanted to. So the three dogs hung out and had a great time catching up! P2030151

Blue spent most of the day working with  Dave  DSCF1595, so he didn’t get to see Bandit for more than a few minutes before he was picked up, but at least they got to say hi!

I met the owner at the gate but before he left, Bandit whispered something in Shylo’s ear!  P2030152 I think he told him he would work on his next escape and he will see him soon!

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  1. Awww, when I saw this in my email, I opened and saw this entry and the picture of Shadow by Shiner's grave I cried. That is strange how that corgi dog got back. Does it live close by? I sure want to go down there really badly. My circumstances aren't right. You have your hands full with those dogs. :) (I heard Deer Lake is getting satellite TV.) 😊


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