Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snowmen Texas Style

Snow in east Texas brings out the creativity in many who rarely get a chance to see the snow, let alone create master pieces! Keep reading to see how these master pieces became a part of my blog!

We had about 4 inches of perfect packing snow, the dogs were excited and couldn’t wait to get out to play! So outside we went… snow 2015 2 I took the dogs out for a walk and took some pictures of the winter wonderland at Deer Lake Cabins. snow 2015 21 We didn’t get very far and I heard a big cracking sound, seconds later a huge limb was on the ground. I knew it wasn’t safe to be outside with the dogs so we headed back to the safety of the RV.

I knew it was going to be a long day inside, so I  made snowmen and snowballs with bird seed and put them by the bird feeders. I figured it would be more entertaining than just watching them at the feeders! DSCF2462a081 When Dave came home (after he was done laughing at me), he suggested that I post my pictures snow 2015 23 

snow 2015 22    snow 2015 21-002

snow 2015 21-001     snow 2015 2-003snow 2015 2-002   snow 2015 2-001 on KETK’s see it snap it send it page.

When I got to their page, I started looking at other peoples photos and was amused by the snowmen, horses, dogs, turtles, bears and more! I decided to copy my favorite ones and post them on my facebook page so my family in WI could see these Texas Style snow creations!

These are just a few of my favorites:  Pictures3 

Pictures-002    Pictures1

Pictures-001   Pictures 

So if your photo made it to my favorites WAY TO GO! Thank you for entertaining me!

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  1. Those snowmen and other animals are amazing! We had a couple of inches in Dallas. Can't get over the talent in some people. I can barely draw, let alone build a halfway looking snowman. Glad the dogs are having fun and enjoying themselves. I had three male cardinals and one female at my feeder and some doves and sparrows. Now I need to fill up again. I hope to get down there someday.


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