Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ripples the New Ranch Cat

           Ripples the cat is the coolest cat I  have ever met, he follows me around the ranch despite the fact that I have 3 to five dogs following me every where I go. He even likes to ride on the mule or gators too. DSCF1827  P1280002

DSCF1994        P1270079 

Ripples Rides the John Deere Gator at Deer Lake Cabins

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  1. That is too cute. I don't guess you guys got to make it down here to Texas and at the ranch did you this season? I miss the Deer Lake Cabin blogs so much. I never even get to go down there to the ranch. I cant seem to get anyone who's not busy to go with them. I don't go alone and don't drive. On December 8th I had to put my chihuahua, Cinnamon to sleep. She was over 14 years old. You know she liked the ranch and hanged out with Shiner. I have kept my "baby's" ashes. I also bought a box at a craft store and am making a memory box. It's going to be painted orchid color with some stickers on it, some inspirational quotes, a couple of her pictures, some sticky letters spelling out her name. All kinds of good stuff and I will put her collar and an older chew toy in, a harness she used, and whatever will fit. I have her sweaters in a zipper bag. But for now I have her little throw blankets on my bed at night. Hope you get to come to the ranch again if you did not come this year. Be safe!


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