Friday, February 19, 2010

Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch in Douglas, AZ

As a result of a comment I received, I decided to do an update on Belle.
The Comment, “Hi Cindy, I have been following your blog ever since you & Dave helped Belle Starr & would like to get an update on her - Rojo wrote a very disturbing blog on 1/26/10 titled "I just don't know" - I am reaching a turning point in my own life & even though I do not have an RV am thinking about driving my old car West - I wondered if the "cabins" at Belles are livable at all (electric,bathroom,& bed)-
bar buildings b-4 Belles Buildings-1 Belles Buildings-5
I could pay & maybe also be of some help to her but wondered if the cousins ever came from Kentucky & if Belle ever got medical treatment?
Your photos & words have touched my heart in many ways. Keep up all your good work spreading Sunshine & good deeds at Triangle TTriangle T Guest Ranch Info 4 as you do wherever you,Dave,& Shadow travel! -  (Moonfly13)”
My Response: I have been keeping in touch with Belle by email, since we left there in January.  I hope to get back there at least for a visit before we head back to Wisconsin.
Part of my latest email from Belle:
“Am having some  lovely visitors who are not affiliated with a Boondocker club. I have good decent help-----all of my animals are super fine .  The place looks 100% better than it ever has. Rojo----needless to say I am very much disappointed
in so called friendship…
Glad you thought enough of me and the animals to email me.  Hope you stop by again. Appreciate what you did for me.  Belle”
More comments from me in response to the comment I received on my blog:
Rojo, I think cut to the the electric to all the cabins but the one that the help has stayed in. To my knowledge that is the only cabin that has a bathroom.
I think Belle’s Cousin was there and may still be there, I have no idea. I also don’t know if Belle saw a Dr. or not.
I hope this helps. Thank you for your comment and for following my blog :)
Cindy (adventures of Shadow the RVing Dog)


  1. Hi Cindy, Thanks so much for the update on Belle Starr - her story touched the hearts of many readers on several blogs - glad to know she is OK and cheerful as always - I hope that Spring will bring much happiness & good health to Belle & her lovely Silverado Ranch - Moonfly13

  2. yourtube belle starr silverado ranch and know the truth!


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