Friday, February 19, 2010

What Happened to the Horses at Triangle T Guest Ranch in Dragoon, AZ

Someone had asked me that recently and I just wanted to clarify that these horses are loved and being cared for.

I don’t know the whole story so don’t quote me on any of this.

I know that Linda (the owner) has a few of her own Horses, but most of them belong to other people, who for whatever reason needed a place for them to be.

I know of one of the owners, (actually the owner of Mystic, and several others). I know he has cancer and has not been able to care for them.

I don’t know how he and  Linda  got together or what kind of deal they have going. I don’t even know how long they have been here.

I did meet this gentleman and he is a very pleasant person. Watching him visit his horses was touching and it was obvious that he loves them very much.

He was so kind to me and very complementary of the work he has heard from Linda that I have done.

I know the Ranch has had problems hiring a good wrangler and had other positions that needed to be filled.

So having someone in on a regular basis socializing with all the horses, was lacking. The horses that are not trained for the trail rides of course had less contact than those being rode.

To my knowledge, know one has ever physically hurt any of these horses on this ranch. They are fed daily, wormed and given Psyllium Fiber monthly.

Since I have been here, these jobs are covered, but not always by the same people. The more people you have helping the better chance you will  have some problems with consistency and that is where the care needs to improve.

Their Pens could use more work, and a regular mucker would be a BIG plus! The horses could be brushed more often, and other basic needs could be improved. I believe they will be, once they find a wrangler who’s only job is taking care of the horses. From feeding, to trail rides to basic care.

Even though the Triangle T isn’t recognized as a Rescue for animals, three times since I have been here, I have  heard Linda offer her ranch and or  her time to help other horses in need.

With all the rain/snow  we got, we all know that other counties got a lot more. Linda offered some of her land to help another horse rancher, who’s horses were in dire need of a dry place to call home.

She also heard of a ranch who’s horses were not able to get wormed. She offered to do it herself, which included a few hours of driving. She has never even met these people or their horses.

She also offered to foster some other horses that needed a place to stay after a ranch owner was  being charged with neglect.

So without a doubt, I know that the owner of the Triangle T Guest Ranch cares about all horses. So I know they are in good hands.

Once all the positions are filled and things are less chaotic, they will be in GREAT hands!

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  1. Hi Cindy, I have been following your blog ever since you & Dave helped Belle Starr & would like to get an update on her - Rojo wrote a very disturbing blog on 1/26/10 titled "I just don't know" - I am reaching a turning point in my own life & even though I do not have an RV am thinking about driving my old car West - I wondered if the "cabins" at Belles are liveable at all (electric,bathroom,& bed)- I could pay & maybe also be of some help to her but wondered if the cousins ever came from Kentucky & if Belle ever got medical treatment? Your photos & words have touched my heart in many ways. Keep up all your good work spreading Sunshine & good deeds at Triangle T as you do wherever you,Dave,& Shadow travel! - Cindy L (Moonfly13)


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