Friday, December 30, 2011

Metal Detector Finds With Minelab’s X terra 705

I have been able to get some detecting in as well! I haven’t found anything too cool yet, but I did find $2.43, plus a really old nickel, some bullets, buckles, buttons  and and whole lot of Iron!
DSCN0434_thumb2 DSCN0466_thumb1 IMGP3355_thumb1 2.435_thumb1
I know what some of these things are, but please feel free to comment and tell me if you know what something is, or if you know that something might be worth more than the cost of its recycled worth!
You can see a complete album of my finds here: Detecting Finds:
Shadow and Shiner follow me everywhere I go, so I always have  my guide dogs, that keep me safe in the woods!
 watch 011211a03 Shiner is camouflaged in this photo, it is like, “where’s Elmo”!
Shiner loves to dig holes, 1 animal 10 1 animal 09
                                                  1 animal 11
I always cover my holes back up then when I am done doing that, I have to go and cover all of Shiner’s holes! Shiner doesn’t just dig holes,  she digs trenches! She sticks her nose in the ground about 4 inches and then pushes while she digs! She would be a great addition to the cable company if they are hiring! No Shovel required!
Shadow and Shiner will run off every now and then and chase the deer around,
Animals-at-Deer-Lake-Cabins-Double-S[3] but mostly these two will not be too far away from me.
They both like riding on the mule, P1260239p_thumb1 Shadow on the seat and Shiner likes to sit on the floor so she can get out fast! She tries to jump out when it is moving so I put a bungee up so she can’t do that.
Shadow won’t even get off the seat unless I take the key out of the ignition! He doesn’t take chances that I might go somewhere without him!
Mule 0113
Anyhow, we are hoping to get a good amount of time in detecting tomorrow, so hopefully I can find some great things!

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