Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Crazy Day at the Ranch

Recovering from my fall earlier this week, I am back at work outside, so the blog takes a backseat once again!

Two dogs went AWOL today and I was asked to man the Saloon while they went searching for the dogs via horseback, to get to more remote areas.

Dogs were found and nothing happened in the Saloon while they were gone!

I went back to work on and near the horses, a couple hours later I was asked to go back to the saloon as 20 unexpected people showed up for lunch. They don’t have a waitress right now so they REALLY needed help.

The bartender Rhonda and the Owner and I took care of the customers . Will (the new cook) Dave and Beamer were busy getting the meals together as fast as they could.

No more than got those 20 taken care of and about 20 more showed up! It was four hours of non stop chaos!

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with how well the customers handled some of the wait times with not only for food, but for everything!

So a big THANK YOU to all the customers at the Triangle T Guest Ranch Saturday afternoon!

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