Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 05, 2010… Happy Anniversary!

Dave and I celebrated out 16 year wedding anniversary. No work today or at least not much. Some shopping for the ranch and that was it.

I keep sun burning my lips working outside all day and Dave is sick of sun burning his head, so we spent the majority of the day looking for Cowboy hats.
We drove to Tombstone and hit every store twice, but both found hats that we liked.

We didn’t get back to the ranch until after 6:00 p.m. then went to the Saloon for dinner.
We slow danced to a song after dinner and went home.
I had kept our anniversary cards from last year and put his from me on my pillow and mine for him on his pillow.
When we went to bed, he swore he didn’t get me a card.
So I bet him, if the card was from him, he owed me a massage and if it wasn’t from him, I owed  him one.
I did pretty good to keep a straight face through all this. And we all  know how it ended! LOL
It was a perfect end to a very special day!

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