Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dancing Ponies made my day!

Today made all the hours of raking all worth it! Of course I thought I would have the ponies pen ready about 1:00 and at 5:00 it was all set!
The Pens were trashed after all the rain we have gotten.
we moved horses out to let things dry, but 6 to 8 inches of sand, manure and hay made it nearly impossible!Pictures-14
It took forever to fill in all the holes and drag the dirt around.
I put CC and Magic in the pen at feeding time to help coax them in the pen. Well let me tell you food was not the priority!

Well okay, maybe a little… Magic would stop for a bite and continue her exploration with hay hanging from her mouth.

When the first got in they first walk around the perimeter then the both started running around kicking their heels up. Unfortunately my shutter speed was too slow and I didn’t get a good picture of them doing that. But…
Anyhow for those of you with dogs, you know how they get a little wild once in a while running around like crazy, then if you clap your hands that recharges them and they take off for round two. Well that is what the girls did. I think they would have done it all night if I wouldn't have stopped. 
That was the most enjoyable moment for me on the ranch so far.
Every blister every bruise and every achy joint was worth it. Some might ask how do you get bruises from raking? Twice when I moved large sections of gates by myself ( of course because asking for help is way out of my league) and a five section piece fell on me twice; that did about 5 of my bruises. Moving a gated fence and a large gate gave me about 10 more!
Romeo tried to help me yesterday… but he pushed when I was pulling and that didn’t go so good! LOL
Triangle T Guest Ranch Horses 09


  1. Excellent job.... I can tell by the pictures those beautiful horses are grateful !

  2. Thanks Kelly for your comments. They were very grateful!


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