Friday, February 12, 2010

Things are finally drying out.

I have gotten 2 pens completely done as far as trying to get the right slants so when it does rain, it doesn’t flood the horses.
It was awful for them and I am trying hard to make some improvements for them. Everyday this week working until dark always thinking I am going to get much more done than I do!
Shadow checks in regularly for a kiss or a pat on the head, then he might lay down and watch me for a while. then he disappears, I am not sure where he goes or what he is doing.
 P1510425 Finally Peace and quiet. I think I will just sit here for a while.
P1510435I just love it out here!
P1510404  Now it is time for a nice fire and some Marshmallows!
 Triangle T Happy Dogs 2 Come on, lets go find some more jack rabbits to chase!
Every night he comes back to walk me home, Dave use to walk up with a flashlight and walk me home, but I think he is tired of me being out there working for 10 hours a day and not taking breaks for lunch or dinner and not having enough sense to not work if it is raining!
I think I should just put a flashlight in my backpack! Now there's a great idea!
When we get in Shadow is ready for food, then he falls fast asleep and snores!
couch dog -1
He still refuses to come in the camper during the day, once he is out he stays at least 50 feet from the door. He is afraid that he will get left in the camper! Dave has to pick him up and carry him, he refuses to walk toward the camper!
Turquoise Valley area 1-2
He is so funny, he is a good dog and so happy.

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  1. What a lucky dog Shadow is to have you & Dave as his family. I love the pictures of him exploring and finally settling in for the night.

    Cindy, hope you can take some time to relax and contemplate while there... or mabe working so hard to make those horses lives better is how you do it....
    take care,


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