Thursday, February 18, 2010

Native American Spirits and Photos Revisited Once Again.

I read your blog about that Native American stuff on your blog.  Very cool.  Besides the blue sky and the sun shining through that one patch, did you see something else that I am missing on that picture?  I find that stuff to be very interesting and since I believe in ghosts and spirits, those occurrences didn't surprise me one bit!:)  Freaked me out, but didn't surprise:)
I tired changing that picture on my blog yesterday and half of it disappeared!
So I am wondering how those pictures are appearing to other people.  It is a profile of a head facing left on your screen, there are three arrows or feathers on top of his head,  His hair is similar to the length of the Beatles 1960’s style. It to me is such a clear image. I really wonder how it shows to others.

TRIANGLE T SPIRITS SKY HORSE HEAD This to me looks like a horses head facing left.
and this TRIANGLE T SPIRITS SKY MAN one a mans profile, facing right on your screen.
I haven’t talked to Linda the owner since I hurt myself, so I have no idea what has happened since I first started  posting about the well and the spirits.
When I know more, I will post it.
Please leave your comments right on the blog if you want. You do not have to leave your name if your don’t want to. Thanks!

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