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Tips About getting a new dog from a Shelter or Wherever…

What happens when you bring your new dog home can sometimes make or break the out come for you and your dog. 


If your dog was a stray… it might help when you get home to spend some time with him or her in the garage before bringing them into your home.

This is why…

I did this with Shylo, I wasn’t sure if he was house broken or not, I covered things in the garage that I wanted to protect incase he lifted his leg. WHEN he did pee on items in the garage, I was able to correct him WITHOUT being too upset.  The mess was easy to clean up and it didn’t really do any damage.


Because he lifted his leg, we stayed in the garage longer, it gave him some time to calm down, get use to our scents get familiar with me and Shadow (Dave was in the house making sure it was ready).

A while later he did it again, he peed on the ladder, it  sure beat him peeing on the furniture! Again I was able to correct the behavior  without being angry and raising my voice.

It is important that you prepare yourself to handle the transition so you can make it easier for them.

When your new dog comes home with you, this is very stressful for him/her. Everything is new, nothing is familiar, they know no boundaries, rules or what your expectations are. P1020696  Yelling at him or her is not going to help them get settled in.  So be prepared!

When I first brought Shylo in, I brought him in on a leash, we walked through the house, trying not to stop long enough for him to lift his leg; as we walked by an end table in the living room he lifted his leg and managed to get a few drops out before I firmly said, “NO, take it outside” he stopped immediately and we high tailed it outside, where he finished the job on the siding of the house, another firm no and on the grass he went.  P1020324

Dave sponged up the living room carpet and I hosed down the siding and spent some more time in the garage!

Round two went much better, we stayed in the house for about 15 minutes and went outside again. Making it a big deal anytime he would pee in the yard.

Life with a new dog isn’t always going to be perfect, there will be some problems, make sure you are willing to work patiently to help your new dog adjust to his new home.

DSCN9619 A waterproof cloth, covered by a sheet, can be a protective covering for your floor, yet  comfortable for the dog to walk and lay on.

For the next few days or weeks, let them out OFTEN and follow them around the house, close all doors to other rooms, so you have less ground to cover.

Shylo made about 5 messes in the house total, he was never hit or kicked or mistreated in anyway. I bought carpet cleaner and sprays and was ready for him.

All in all we were lucky, he adjusted quickly and with very little damage. We love him and spoil him the same as our first dog. P1040845

The saddest thing I read when I was looking for a dog to adopt was one dog that was returned to a shelter after a few weeks of a new home, in the write up it said, This poor guy was returned to us wearing the same ratty collar it had on when he left”.  

I wish that all dogs could find great homes, so when you are adopting your next dog, please make sure you are ready!


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