Tuesday, January 25, 2011

260 Mile Road trip Glamis Dunes then to Yuma

Packed up the dog and took the motorcycle to Yuma.
 Yuma Trip  (2) We made a loop out of it taking the California side there and Arizona side back to Blythe. It was another beautiful day, mid to high 70’s.
We went through the Imperial Sand Dunes, better known as Glamis Dunes. This is the largest mass of sand dunes in California. 
This Dune extends for more than 40 miles and is about eight miles wide!  The Sand hills go as high as 400 feet and some of the bowls are as wide as a football fields! 
We stopped at the Glamis store which is an all in one stop. It is right smack dab in the center of it all.
Every where you looked you saw RV’s, Toy Haulers and Motorhomes. There were even A few vendors here and there.

If you have never seen the dunes or where people go to do some extreme off roading, you will be amazed by the city made of sand!
                      Yuma Trip  (9)          
                       Yuma Trip  (12)
We talked to a couple of guys who were taking a break from the sand dunes, they told us to check out the look out  point just down the road, that was really cool.
                      Yuma Trip  (6)
  Yuma Trip  (5)  Yuma Trip  (4)
More boondockers, more dune buggies, more off road bikes, more sandrails and etc.! They even have Dune Patrol and Dune Border Patrol. (Part of this is right on the Mexico Border).
              Yuma Trip  (13)
Had our fun in the big sand box
      and headed toward Yuma, Dave missed the road we were going to take, so it added 50 miles to the trip.
I asked, “what time are we were going to get to Yuma; 3:10…” he just laughed.
We wanted to see the Yuma Territorial Prison at the state park, but with the detour we didn’t have enough time. So  we will plan another trip later this month.
We usually pack a lunch, but this time we decided to eat out. We stopped at Little Caesars and had a picnic in front of their store. Every one who passed us, had to comment on “the Shadow box”. One lady said, “is that where the dogs rides when your on the road ?” I wanted to say,”no he rides on the seat, the trailer is for me” but I decided to be nice.
      Shadow wanted to say…        “Here’s your Sign”… but he decided to be nice too!

We were driving North on 95 near Quartzsite, when not just one, but 4 cars tried passing a couple of RV’s in a no passing zone. It Could have been a head on collision, but thank God Dave is a very observant driver.
Shadow got a little freaked out with the blaring of the horn, but Dave needed to make sure there wasn’t going to be a fifth idiot on the road.
             TIP FOR DRIVERS:  If you don’t want to be behind an RV… DON’T DRIVE NEAR Quartzsite!

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