Friday, February 11, 2011

This World Is A Small Small Place!

     Since I posted my ad about the ring that I found at Goose Flats, I have spent hours and hours looking up lost and found ads, trying to find the owner of that wedding band that I found with the 10 diamonds on it.
I even posted an ad on Craigslist for the Inland Empire in California. I found an excellent lost and found web page just for rings. I even posted it on there.
Click here to check out this lost and found website.
Yesterday I was out metal detecting in the campground and Brandon, the owner or owners son comes up to me and says, “hey who’s names are in those rings you found?” I told him Richard and Nickie. He said, “Oh my gosh, you have got to be kidding me! Hold on one second…” Out of his pocket comes his comes his cell phone.
I am thinking yeah right… what are the chances, I thought he was just blowing smoke.
Next thing I hear him saying is, “Richard, have you or your wife ever lost anything at Goose Flats? Then I hear a pause on the other end and hear Richard say, “I lost my wedding ring about two years ago” Brandon says, you’ll never believe this, we have your ring here at the KOA.” Richard said, shut the front up”… (Okay… maybe that isn’t exactly what he said, but you figure it out!
Brandon no more than hung up the phone and Richard was standing at my camper door, with Brandon.
Richard’s smile was stuck like super glue! P1080403f8It was ear to ear and you couldn’t have knocked it off with a baseball bat!  
                                   Richard told me    P1080400 ,  he lost his ring about two years ago when it fell off of his finger while giving his dog a bath at the beach!
Devastated they hired a guy with a metal detector to try and find it, but all he turned up was bottle caps! The guy should have had the Minelab’s X-terra 705!
Thinking his ring was gone forever,he replaced his beautiful diamond band IMGP8863with a $10.00 band, just so he had a ring on his finger.
It turns out that Richard and Brandon are good friends.  Brandon stood up in his and Nickie’s wedding and Richard stood up in Brandon’s wedding!
The best part of the story is the place Richard proposed to Nickie… on the beach at Goose Flats!

Nickie and Richards anniversary is less than a month away.
I am so happy they got their Circle Of Love back to put on his finger!   botton and ring  (24)
Getting the ring back to the owner has been the best part of our trip so far this year!
Maybe I should start my own ring finders company and Dave and I can travel to your location and find your lost treasure! 

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  1. wow what an awesome event!!, they say god works in mysterious ways,, Hey i lost a ring in Marinette by the court house, i think it rolled into the sewer drain!!! So maybe we will just say good bye to that one!!! Continued good luck with your treasure hunting, it sounds very exciting!!! Hugs to you and Dave and pat on head to Shadow!


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