Monday, February 14, 2011

The Desert Races

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Dave and I took a ride to Parker to check out the desert races and to check out the Desert  Solar Bar.
The race was a 100 mile race, we stopped and watched it for a half hour or so. It was cool to see the different types of vehicles.  On our way there, when we glanced into the distance, all you could see was sand! Desert Races -9
It was almost perfectly calm, I would think that would make driving a little rough! The sand never seemed to settle.
Spectators watched from all over the place. A lot of cars parked along the highway and the people found places to sit. Hill tops were most popular!   Desert Races -20 Some got a birds eye view, an eye in the sky!  Desert Races -10 this guy I think had the best view ever! Have you ever watched a race while water skiing?!! Desert Races -13   These people down below
            are sent running when this white car lost control and did some fish tailing right toward them. Desert Races I think these people are nuts! I would not want to be standing or sitting this close to the action.Desert Races -2 From where we sat on top of the hill, we could see everything perfectly well!
    Desert Races -11 Desert Races -6  Desert Races -12    
      Desert Races -5 Desert Races -4
Don’t know who won, it was just something neither of us have ever seen before.

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