Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Deer Lake Cabin’s Double S Ranch

P1260221 One of many beautiful views at the Double S Ranch in Scroggins, Texas.
We are getting settled in and finding our way around and getting to know some of the animals and staff.
Everybody here is so nice and so down to earth, it is a very comfortable atmosphere. When we first got here we met the first animal, a grey kitten that came up to eat Shadow’s food.
P1260223 The next day we saw the cat again, but this time Shiner was with us. The cat survived its encounter with the two dogs.
Dave and I were riding on the mules  P1260229
to the different horse stables on the ranch, (they are spread out). When we got up by the youngest horses, we saw several deer in the pen with the horses!
The deer are all over the place on the ranch, I rarely go out with out seeing a half dozen of them! We are told that there are also Bob Cat’s, Mountain Lions, Wild Boars, Coyote and other critters around too; than goodness I haven’t seen them!
On our way back to our RV we stopped ran into Johnny, one of the ranch workers. He owns some of the horses here. P1260214 He takes care of a lot of the horses, in particular the cutting horses. He trains and works with them.
Stan and Sally, the owners of the ranch have cattle that they keep on the ranch for training purposes. Some day I hope to watch him while he works.
Shiner follows Shadow and I everywhere we go, DSCN0095she sleeps in our camper at night, the first night she slept under the table, the second night she started whining when we went up to bed.
She apparently wanted to be closer so I drug her dog bed up to the bathroom and open the door to our room. She just kept looking up at the bed, and then over by the foot of the bed where Shadow Sleeps, I know she is working on getting even closer!
  DSCN0097 When we let her outside she will lay in front of the window, I have to pull the shade so I don’t feel guilty leaving her outside while I feed Shadow!


  1. Shiner is such a loyal dog and likes everyone. She sleeps inside our cabin now when we go. This last time she slept up on the sofa. She did not have to get up to go out all night.She hangs out with our little dog, Cinnamon. if you happen to stay in the Log Cabin the painting of Shiner was done by my mother from a snapshot I took of Shiner on the Dream Lake dock.

  2. I noticed you HAD seen the painting of Shiner and put it in your blog. What a nice thing to be able to see mine and my mother's work. I took a random photo of Shiner and my mother painted it. We were so honored to have it hang in the cabin and with a her name etched into the label.

  3. Wow, I didn't realize it was a painting! I thought it was an actual photograph! You and your mother both should be applauded for capturing the beauty of such a beautiful dog! Thanks for your comment :)


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