Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RVer’s Looking for work for hire, or Barter for two weeks to two months during the winter of 2011-2012

Dave and Cindy profilelast ride near san antonio (10)11
are looking for  work as work campers or just to barter some work hours for RV hook ups. for the winter of 2011 –2012.
We prefer horse ranches or anything with animals looking mainly at these states: Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona (someplace with minimal snow and mild temperatures)!
We leave WI toward the end of November, then we just  head south and stop at places where we find work.
We aren’t looking for a 3 month position, we like to move around so we can see more things on our travels. (we would consider a three month term depending on the circumstances).
The blog entry before this one has more information on the type of work we do and has more of our personal information on it as well. I have a link to that entry toward the end of this writing.
I will be doing several entries with our work experience in the next week or two, so come back and look again to see if we might be just the couple you are looking for!
We started workamping in random places in 2008, at that time we didn’t even know there was a term for this: “workamper”, we learned about that the following year!
Our first RV job was one we landed just by stopping and talking with the owner- We told him that we were looking to barter some work for full RV hook ups. The next thing I knew we were parking our rig and staying for a while at the Lone Oak RV Park in Valley View, Texas.Lone Oak RV first job (4) Valley view RV Worker
Dave did mostly maintenance work while we were there.
Shadow (our dog) and I got our first introduction to  some ranch animals and spent our time around them when I wasn’t helping Dave. I hadn’t been around ranch animals for over 30 years; and Shadow had never been around them before! They had Horses, Llama's, Goat and Sheep!
valley viewRV Worker
I loved being near the animals, but truth be told, I was too afraid to go in by them or let a horse eat out of my hand!
(If you put the word “horse” in my search bar on the blog you will find out how much that has changed in the past 3 years)!
I am now the happiest when I am around horses, my connection with them is really strong. I really hope we can find work on a horse ranch or several different horse ranches this winter! 
Dave can mend or fix nearly anything, and I love working outside in stalls with horses in them. I don’t mind mucking, brushing or just talking to them for hours on end!
Please Click right here to see our work history and qualifications. (this is a look at my previous blog entry which is like our resume so you can  see what other work experiences we have working on a Ranch or RV Resort).
Then check back in a day or two where I will outline our next job while on the road in our RV- Like I said, I would prefer to work on a horse ranch, but mainly we just need work. If you have any job for us please contact us.

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