Sunday, November 27, 2011

Double S Ranch Deer Lake Cabins Nov. 27

We got to the ranch before noon, Kathy one of the employees met us at the gate and got us safely to our RV spot.

We had to stop and trim a few trees in order to get through, but we made it!

They had hooked up an RV site just for us and our stay! They put in water, 50 amp electric and Sewer! When we were driving to our spot, one of the horses DSCN0088 was very curios and watched us closely while we were parking our RV. I later found out his name is Bandit and he is a Stallion, he watched us very carefully. I already claimed him as one of my favorites!

The grounds are just BEAUTIFUL! They got us set up with a couple of Mules and or golf carts to get around the 850 plus acres on the ranch.

When I went to the office to get the mule, I met Shiner the ranch dog, who greeted me with kisses! I drove the mule back to the RV which is about a half mile away and helped Dave set up the rest of the Camper.

We were a little concerned how Shadow was going to do with the cats on the ranch, (he does fine with house cats, but I wasn’t sure how he would do with wild/pet outside cats. It didn’t take long to figure that one out, we were putting out rugs and stuff and a beautiful grey cat showed up under the camper.

Shadow did awesome, he tried sniffing, she swatted at him and told him that cats rule! She then proceeded to eat his dog food that was on his rug in front of the RV! Then I put out two water bowls on opposite sides of the rug. Shadow is drinking out of one and the cat is drinking from the other;  I wished I could have gotten a photo of his first cat encounter here!

Later Angie, another employee gave us a tour and showed us all around the ranch. This is when Shadow got to meet Shiner. After the normal dog sniffing party they engaged in some dog play, so I think they are going to get along just great!

We got back just shy of dusk, so we had time to take a short walk to look at the lake near our camper. It was a great way to complete our first day.

The only downfalls are 3 TV channels (I liked only having one in Dragoon so Dave can’t Surf all the time LOL)

No internet, I could handle that for a week or two but I don’t think I would want to go without it all winter.  I later found out that the owners are working on getting internet on this part of the ranch, so it may not be an issue after all!

I guess we are going to get to meet the owners, Stan and Sally on Thursday, so we look forward to that. Tomorrow I look forward to getting over by some of the horses and Introducing myself!

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