Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011-2012 Fourth Year of Winter RVing the Southern States.

We left WI on Friday Morning the 25th of November, Shadow’s Birthday. We drove about 12 hours with stops and spent the night in a Truck Stop in Poplar Bluffs, Arkansas.

We were going to stay in the Wal-Mart parking lot, but the squealing tires and young kids hanging around didn’t leave us feeling any to safe!

The Truck Stop was just outside of town, it was small but a nice place to spend the night.

Day Two: Drove with stops for about 7 hours and spent the night at the Atlanta State Park. We were very surprised to find out that you can fish in any Texas state park WITHOUT a Texas fishing license! That is REALLY awesome! Unfortunately for us it was raining and cold; so other than a short walk we didn’t do anything outside the RV.

We played some cribbage and that was about it.

We are both excited to find out what the Ranch we are headed for is going to be like. The photos of it look beautiful. It is the Deer Lake Cabin’s Double S Ranch in Scroggin’s, Texas. They hired Dave to do some remodeling and other maintenance types of things.

We have talked to the owners on the phone, they sound nice and we are hoping that the place is as pretty as the photos and the owner’s are as nice as they seem!

I guess we will find out soon!

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