Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wild West Cabin at Double S Ranch

Dave and I started our first remodeling project. We tore out the paneling and trim in the Wild West Cabin at the Deer Lake Cabins on the Double S Ranch.


DSCN0126  DSCN0140DSCN0122 DSCN0139

 DSCN0116    DSCN0136

The Wild West Cabin is next to our RV, so I cleared a path  so we could easily get back and forth without falling in holes, or tripping on the vines and roots that were coming out  of the ground. It is much nicer and easier to haul the tools back and forth.

Tomorrow we will put up plastic on the outside walls and start taking up the floors. We will then find out from Stan and Sally what else they would like done.

Dave and I work great together and it has been fun working with him again like I did when our business, TF Tiling and Remodeling first got going.

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