Friday, December 9, 2011

Deer Lake Cabins Double S Ranch Week one and two!!!

Meeting the owners was a pleasure. Both Sally and Stan are very nice and down to earth type of people.

They seemed happy with Dave and I and our work so far. Dave spent more time going over things with them and got the details on other cabins and the work they needed to have done.

Dave and I have been here for nearly two weeks already and if this is any indication of how fast our winter is going to go we should just head for home! Time is just flying!

We have been very well taken care of here and really appreciate the internet connection. We are most likely spending most if not all of the winter here. There seems to be plenty of work and so far we are very happy.

We have done quite a bit of work in the Wild West Cabin, We  have torn out the old and put plastic on all the outside walls, put up dry wall, taped, mudded, painted, scrapped off the popcorn style plaster on the ceilings and pulled out the sink and cupboards.

Last week Dave worked with Benito to raise part of the  foundation of the cabin and I spent a few hours, cutting down vines and over grown trees by the tanks. It looks much better, Benito came and started working on the big downed trees and plans to pick up my pile of brush on Sunday.

bedroom one 10 DSCN0393



kitchen 205 kitchen 210kitchen 209 kitchen 207 

So we are making progress, I hope to post more things than just work, so please keep checking for animals and other things!

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