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Cedar Loft Cabin: The Perfect East Texas Getaway! Deer Lake Cabins Double S Ranch.

The Wild West is almost all done, Dave still has 3 new windows to put in but he had to quit the work over the holidays because it was already booked out.

So we moved on… TF Tiling and Remodeling at the Cedar Loft Cabin which was next on our list!

                       outside 01

                                                      outside 02 


Initially Dave was just going to put in new flooring and counter tops. But after getting inside and taking a closer look, it needed more work than that. The Photos below are the before photos. I will post After photos when it is all done.

It needs a new paint job (walls, ceilings and trim) and some of the doors need repair.

   Living Room 5  Bedroom 2 beds 1 

      Master Bedroom  1 Kitchen 1 Bath 1

Then instead of just putting down new flooring, the whole floor had to be ripped out  down  to the joists,                

                                  living room saturday 6

because it is so uneven it is the only way to lay a straight floor! Dave will need to be cut the joists down then put in the hardy backer then put in the new flooring!

So Cedar Loft will be out of commission for three weeks instead of two as initially planned. To date we have all the old carpeting ripped out carpet strips and staples removed, washed down the trim so it could all be painted, scraped all the popcorn style plaster off all of the ceilings, and we removed the entire floor in the living room.

Both the bedrooms are completely done: they have been repainted, the new wood looking floors are installed, the closet doors we reframed and rehung and etc.Photos won’t be posted until the rest of the Cedar Loft Cabin is completed.

For Complete photos on the rip out and or Larger Photos of the ones on here…

 Living Room 9 1 Bedroom 2 beds 8 Master Bedroom  7

            please click on the photo link below.


Click Here for the Photo Album

When the work is all done here, This will be a perfect East Texas Getaway! it will be an awesome cabin to stay in! I love the balcony deck with the view of the horses!!!!

       Cedar Loft


Incase you can’t read it it says, “ The Perfect choice for those planning on staying at Deer Lake Cabins with another family or friends. With these cabins you can be close but still have plenty of privacy!

These are the only Cabins with a view of the Ponies! Watch them play or keep your eyes open for the 12 point buck who roams around this area. These cabins are also right by Dream Lake, a stocked fishing pond; so don't forget your fishing pole!


  1. The Log Cabin is the only one we have stayed in since we have been coming about once a year for four years. It's perfectly quiet if someone is in the Cedar Loft. No sounds above. Only once has anyone been in the Cedar Loft at the same time we were in the Log Cabin. In April I saw about five deer and taped it. They were somewhere past the playground. Once they spotted me they ran much faster into the woods and disappeared.

    1. Next time you stay, bring a bag of deer corn with you and put a cup or two out about twenty feet from the front door and a path of corn toward the playground. They will follow the path and come to eat right by your front door. Then around dusk, turn your lights off and watch you should have plenty of deer to photograph. (They will come up even if your lights are on, but if they see any movement inside they will take off). It might take them a day or two to find it, but once they do, they will be back every night! We had deer every night, we also had a raccoon, opossum and the blue jays and the woodpeckers also liked the corn. Do you have to drive far to get to the ranch? It is about 1800 miles for us.


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