Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lottie’s Filly is born… Double S Ranch has its third COLT of the year… Sorry Johnny!

FTF is the temporary name for this colt for Feb. Twenty Fourth It is all white, and it looks more like a calf than I thought FN did!

Another over the night delivery, when you wake up and go to the stalls and find one more horse in the mix!

FTF appears to be another healthy colt. FTF 24th One Day Old 35 The proud mother looks over her little one.

Lottie seems to be a very conscientious mother. She is totally tuned in to her role as the protector. DC was the same way, Memory on the other hand just seemed so nonchalant about it.

                       FTF 24th One Day Old 27 FTF 24th One Day Old 01

                                                               FTF 24th One Day Old 25

Shadow was really cute in front of their stall, again it is one you can’t see in from the ground level, so Shadow has not seen a new colt in the barn… however he knows it is in there!

The first thing he did was stop dead in his tracks when we walked in the barn, then started to whine. It is Shadow’s way of talking. He was just saying, “hey momma, there is something new in her and I want to see it”! DSCN4560

On the way to see the colts Shadow and Shiner stop to play with the other horses. I use to always yell at Shadow because all I see is him running up to the horses paddocks barking at them. I thought he was scaring them.

Today I am watching and the horses run up to him first, so he will chase them from outside the fence! I was amazed and amused!  Jr  Fancy and  Dolly Feb 9 02 Horses 06    Jr  Fancy and  Dolly Feb 9 03 Horses 04  25th Fancy Jr. and Dog 12                                  

Then when Shadow said he had enough, both the horse looked like they were saying, come on… don’t quit now, it just started getting interesting!  25th Fancy Jr. and Dog 18 

Anyhow, back to the “mare”ternity barn… Johnny informed us that Precious had a false pregnancy and is not going to be giving us the first female after all!

FN cut his head on something on the 24th of February, FN 24th Fourteen Days Old  (14) he is okay but looks a little rough. FF just keeps getting more and more handsome!

FF and FN and the mares have been put in a paddock once in a while so they can graze, run and enjoy the sunshine. It is fun watching the little ones when they first get outside, they are running all over the place kicking up their heels.

                                                    FN 22nd Twelve Days Paddock 01 (8)

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