Friday, February 24, 2012

TF Tiling and Remodeling Completes Work at the Allen House at Deer Lake Cabins

We have been very busy on the ranch and I haven’t taken much time for things like blogging.

But, I thought I better get some things on here, before we go home! Anyhow, Allen House is one of the larger vacation rentals at the Double S Ranch. It has three bedrooms and sleeps 8 and has 2 full baths and so much more!

                                Allen House All Before and After -4 

The Allen House needed more counter space but in order to do that, the hot water heater and air conditioning unit had to be relocated.A plumber was hired to move these two things so Dave could continue with some of his other projects. Once the plumber removed these utilities, Dave got busy tearing out the shelves and platform and removed the doors.

As you can see, it turned out very nice!  Allen House1 

He also put a center Island in which also added more counter space and cupboards.

                             Allen House All Before and After -2

Then the owners wanted to modernize the fireplace, so he went to work on that. Removing all the old bricks and putting in larger stones, took out the curb and tiled the floor around the bottom. 

                                  Allen House All Before and After -5 

Lastly at the Allen House, he installed a new dishwasher which fit nicely after removing one small cupboard! All the Countertops were all replaced to match the rest of the work he did.

                                       Allen House All Before and After -1

Check out the photo album for larger pictures of the remodeling work and photos of the rest of the house too! Like this one: Allen House Living Room -4

                                     Click Here To See Photos of the Allen House

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