Monday, April 2, 2012

Fishing at Dream Lake, 6:00 Meeting And Dividing up the Metal Detector Finds!

Started off fishing with night crawlers, then Dave pulled out the fish food. He would put a single piece on a small hook and he was catching some nice size pan fish. I didn’t have my camera with me when he caught those, but I had it when he caught this one! P1260987 There really is a fish there, Shadow had to get really close so he could see it. LOL P1260990 

                       Cracked me right up!   P1260990    However it was bigger than the fish I caught cause I didn’t catch any! Oh well,  I really enjoyed relaxing and spending some time with my hubby! 

   The Meeting…

Stan and Sally showed up, we sat in the Coleman Ez Up Screen Tent.

                          P1270024 We talked and talked and talked! It was a very nice and relaxing visit.

They were very appreciative of our work on the Ranch, both Dave and I felt very good about EVERYTHING about them and about being at Deer Lake Cabins Double S Ranch.

They came bearing gifts, which was not necessary but VERY nice! They had a gift bag for each of us, Shadow included! They also brought over the BEST tasting brownies I think I ever had!


They were so thoughtful, they included Shadow with everything. I love the Paw Print on the brownies.

The gift bags were loaded with goodies to eat while we were traveling, the items they picked out for us were PERFECT, not one item went to waste. Shadow got a bag of treats that look like paw prints, they were really cute. Both he and Shiner liked them VERY much!

Next thing we knew it was going on 10:00 and we had a lot of things to do in the morning, before they left, I asked them about the detector finds and their answer was awesome. They said I could keep anything I wanted and that I could give Johnny the things he was interested in; and that they would love to have anything that was left.

They said they wanted to display it, and said it would be nice if I could send them photos of things with the description on them if I ever got around to it. I told them that there was very little that I would like to take home, I like to take the money I find of course, and a few other things, but I was a believer that it is the history of their ranch, I would be thrilled if they displayed it.

I told them if there were things they didn’t want or if they never get around to displaying the items, that I would like to see them go to the Franklin County Museum. Some things, like the Civil War Era butt plate for the Enfield rifle, don’t belong in a box where no one can see it.  

                            Wednesday Jan 4 12a You can read what people said about this on T Net, a forum for metal detectorist. I enter this on the “What is it” Forum.

Click here to go to the forum page. 

I will post more about the outcome of who took or got what and hopefully a link with up dated photos of all of my finds on the ranch.

I use a Minelab Xterra 705 and I love it!

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