Thursday, November 15, 2012


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Dave Stopped just outside of Kings Country to make lunch… I was thinking ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

We are so close to the ranch, I just want to get there and find Shiner! His point was a good one, if we didn’t eat something before we got there, none of us (including Shadow would take time once we got there)! So we stopped in Mount Vernon and made a sandwich and then went 11 mile down the road.


We knew the RV spot we had last year was occupied by a new Ranch employee and his wife, so Johnny said they could run sewer, electric and water off of his place and we could park behind his place. 

They cleared a path from the road to his backyard which made it nice and easy to get in. Cathy was there making sure everything was all set and Benito and Kenny (the new ranch employee) were putting on the final touches. DSCN4159 We walked up and all I cared about was seeing Shiner.

I remembered to say hi to Cathy first before I asked, “where's Shiner?” LOL

Kenny thought she may be by his place (our old spot) so Shadow and I high tailed it over there, but no Shiner. Next we went down by the office thinking she may be there… but no Shiner! So we went back by the RV  DSCN4160 and Kenny (who I still haven’t met) must have known my heart couldn’t take it anymore and said he knew where she would be and said he would be right back.   Three minutes later he came back  and sure enough she jumped out of his truck!

Only those of you who have ever loved and left a dog, knows exactly how I felt! I was in tears before she got half way up the drive way!            DSCN4161  I got lots of kisses and she played with Shadow a little    then I was busy helping Dave get the RV set up and when I came out, she was gone. Sad smile


So later we went for a walk and we ran into Shiner DSCN4165 again.

She followed us for a while and she was off again. Kenny and his wife Melissa have been her knew foster family. They don’t let her sleep in their RV but they feed her and give her her medicine and Shiner plays with their two dogs! She sleeps outside their RV and seems to be happy there so it may be where she wants to stay.

I will be a little heart broken if that is the case, but I would be more heart broken if she wasn’t happy!

After spending 4 months with us last year and spoiling her and loving her and being her everything… I would be shocked if she doesn’t end up back here.

I know there are a lot of Dog lover’s in the world and I am sure a lot of people think they are the best person in the world to love them to pieces; well I am with you… I think I am the best! I am the dog worshiper! LOL

Anyhow it is great to be back on the ranch, I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Please check back for more about Shadow and Shiner’s first reunion  in an upcoming blog!


  1. Your blog is great and a way for me to keep up with Shiner and how she is. I worry sometimes and like you, I feel she is a very special dog. Last April she slept both nights on the sofa in our cabin.

  2. We left April 1, last year and I was so worried about her! I am glad she found you and got more love and attention shortly after we headed for home! Nice to hear from you again! I gave Shiner your message and a hug and a kiss from you.


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