Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Should I Listen to my Garmin, if it says I should find a new route because of slow traffic?


For Dave’s Birthday I got him a 465T LMT Garmin. It is a truckers GPS and It tells you if there are low bridges which can come in real handy for high profile RV’S. Our RV is as high as a semi so it can help us avoid routes with low clearance bridges. trb So something like this doesn’t happen!

This GPS also has a live traffic receiver which I thought would be great for avoiding traffic jams.

The only problem is… is that one would need to believe that the traffic receiver knew what it was talking about!

We Were on Highway 40 near Memphis and the Arkansas border, it suggested a different route because of backed up traffic on the interstate. The route it suggested was probably 15 miles out of the way, which didn’t seem to bad to me.

Dave on the other hand was wondering how accurate the traffic receivers were and assumed that they used out of date satellites, so he proceeded to go back on the interstate the first chance he got. So  instead of spending an extra 25 minutes driving…


We spent 4 hours wishing we could drive 10 feet with out stopping! Thank God we weren’t in a hurry to get anywhere, so we sat back and listened to the truckers talking on the CB radio.


Other than that, the drive here was uneventful. Low Traffic and great roads. A lot to be thankful for!

By tomorrow night I will finally get to see Shiner again!!! Log Cabin 23

                                                                  Log Cabin 22



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