Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time Flies like CRAZY! Did Shiner Come and Stay With Us?

When we first got here I blogged about whether or not Shiner would pick our place as her winter foster home, or stay with the couple with the two dogs.

Day two: I went for a walk in the morning and walked by the place that she had been staying, and she came running up to Shadow and I and walked with us and stayed by us for several hours.

Later in the day I had to ride past her place (I was driving a Kawasaki Mule) Shadow and Shiner were running this time ahead a me. IMGP9692

When we past her place she took a right and Shadow and I went straight. She picked her home Sad smile.

Shadow and I were gone for a few hours and when we came back by, we didn’t see her.

Day three pretty much the same type of thing, except for when Shadow and I got back to our RV she’s laying in the driveway with a sad look on her face. Then she comes racing down the drive way gives me a couple of whining sounds as if to say, “why did you leave me!



She has been with us pretty much non stop since that time. We didn’t let her in the camper for the first few weeks. For those of you who know Shiner,  know how bad she smells! We also needed to make sure she was getting her flea and tick medicine before we let her in as well. 

For those of you who know me… know how hard it was for me to not let her in!

More about this coming soon!

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