Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shiner AKA Kissy Fritz

Untitled 0 00 35-30 Shiner loves loves LOVES to give kisses! The short video below is so sweet, but there may be a better one in the future. I laugh so hard every time it happens that I can’t take the video; sometimes when Shadow is drinking out of the water dish, Shiner will lick the side of his mouth.  Shadow can’t concentrate on what he is doing so it becomes a drool fest!


RVing dog at Deer Lake Cabins

Below  Shadow, Shiner and Timmy go nose to nose! (It is hard to see Shiner, but her little nose is right behind Shadow’s. (Timmy belongs to the people who own the ranch.)


It just doesn’t get any sweeter than this! Timmy use to be afraid of Shiner, but when Shadow came along and they started to play Timmy forgot about his fear and looks to be moving in on Shadow’s girl! LOLDSCN5193


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Adventures of Shadow the RVing Dog.

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