Sunday, January 6, 2013

What is a CAN-AM

I met the neatest family at Deer Lake Cabins this past week, they had a bright yellow CAN-AM

Video 21 0 00 00-21

Here Shadow and Shiner are on security detail making sure that Terri and Jan find 75 Acres safely! LOL

I met Terri and her husband earlier this week while I was out clearing down trees on the trails.  I notice that some of the  trees that were across the trails were now laying the long way on the trail giving enough room so horses and mules could get by. I had no idea how they got that way until I ran into the two of them on the trail. 

See on the front of their CAN-AM they have a winch, that is how they moved the trees off the trails!

Thank you very much Terri and Mr. Miller’s friend! LOL


One more thing…

(If you see these two dogs while you are on the trails at Deer Lake Cabins … THEY DON’T MOVE for any type of vehicles, so Please watch for them and drive safely and responsibly like this family did. Smile)


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