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RVing Dog is Back on the Road Even Bigger Than EVER!

That's right, bigger than EVER, so the blog should now be called RVing dogs!


Shadow (on left) Is now 13 plus years old! He is doing fantastic for his age. Shylo is about one years old and a perfect fit for Shadow and our family.  Rescuing a dog from an animal shelter is the way to go at least for us it was. There is so much involved in the whole process and steps that may go unnoticed by many. This story was written shortly after we got Shylo to thank the people at the Manitowoc, County Shelter and to help others see some of the fine touches that make the whole thing possible. The simple things that made a HUGE difference! Here is our Shylo Story:

   Shylo New Beginnings 01  My Name is Shylo AKA as Kingston. I was at the Manitowoc County Humane Society. A really nice lady brought me there because she didn't know where I came from and I wasn't much help.  Emily is the one who took this picture, she was really nice too!
Shylo New Beginnings 02 It wasn't too bad there the people were awesome! Some of them didn't even get paid to help with all of us. This is Tony, he would come and take me for walks! How cool is that! I just had to give him a hug. I wanted to hug Emily too, but she was too busy taking these great photos!
   Shylo New Beginnings 03 The Staff kept telling me that they were going to find me a good forever home and that everything was going to be alright. Then these people drove about 60 miles just because they saw that one photograph! It was love at first sight, that lady was hooked!

 Shylo New Beginnings 04  I found out that they have been looking for a long time, and me and these other dogs are just a few of the dogs they looked at!   I hope they come back for me, it just felt so right when they were here. I guess we will have to leave it in God's hand, you know God is Dog spelled  backwards right?
Shylo New Beginnings 05  This is the last time I get to sprawl out on the whole seat, you can bet your tail, I am going to enjoy it!

Shylo New Beginnings 06  Well, I sure didn't expect momma to give up her seat in the front just to keep me sufficiently spoiled!

Shylo New Beginnings 07  I am so happy to be going to my new forever home!

  Shylo New Beginnings 08 Don't you get too close to my momma back there, hey.... get off her lap!!!

  Shylo New Beginnings 09 You still love me more, right momma?

 Shylo New Beginnings 10 He's my buddy, well he is my buddy when I can't be by my momma! When we get home we can trade alright?

  Shylo New Beginnings 11 Well you may get to ride in the back with my momma, but I get to ride in the front seat and hold hands with my papa!

  Shylo New Beginnings 12  Oh crap now he is in my face; he didn't look this big on the outside of the car! I guess I better start being nicer!

  Shylo New Beginnings 13  I said I would be nicer, I didn't say I wasn't going to keep my eyes on you!

  Shylo New Beginnings 14 Shadow, I just want to say Thank you for accepting me at the shelter. I know it was up to you if I got to go home with you and your family. 

  Shylo New Beginnings 15  This is the first day of the rest of my life! I( I must say, it is looking to be a beautiful one)!

 Shylo New Beginnings 16 Yippee! They let me come in the house AND they let me up on the furniture!

 Shylo New Beginnings 17  The furniture is much more fun when I have a human to share it with!

 Shylo New Beginnings 18  This guy sure laughs a lot! How was I suppose to know if I rolled over I would fall on the floor!

 Shylo New Beginnings 19  He is my buddy, I really like my new home!

 Shylo New Beginnings 20  I was just sitting on his lap, but I just can't seem to get close enough, maybe higher would be better.

 Shylo New Beginnings 21  I cuddle and do a lot of fun stuff with my new momma to, but she hates getting her picture taken!

 Shylo New Beginnings 22   I have these huge windows I get to look out! I get to see dogs and kids fishing all the time!

  Shylo New Beginnings 23 I get to help papa when he goes into the office to work.

  Shylo New Beginnings 24  We love to go for walks, but lately it has been really hot, so we go really early in the morning and right before it gets dark outside!

 Shylo New Beginnings 25  We go for walks every day., we went to see the steel beams from the World Trade Center.

 Shylo New Beginnings 26  I have been so happy, They treat me so good; it is like my feet haven't touched the ground since I got here!

 Shylo New Beginnings 27 They even put the recliner out for me! I am so happy I smile when I am sleeping!

 Shylo New Beginnings 28 Pinch me, I need to make sure this isn't just a dream!

 Shylo New Beginnings 29  Thanks for not pinching me too hard! Now I can go back to sleep!

  Shylo New Beginnings 30   When they said we were going to Manitowoc today fo meet my new brother, I was expecting things to be much worse!

 Shylo New Beginnings 32    Its not just about me, I do  my part to. Shadow has been the best big brother to me. So I help him out when I can.

  Shylo New Beginnings 33  There was a thunder storm and I sensed that Shadow was a little anxious, so I laid down by him.

      Shylo New Beginnings 34  That seemed to help him a little, so I rested my head on him and he calmed right down and we both fell fast asleep!

   Shylo New Beginnings 35   This is the life!

      Shylo New Beginnings 36  Thank you staff at the Lakeshore Humane Society in Manitowoc, WI for picking this family for me!

And that was the beginning of our life with our newest family member. This time while we were in Wisconsin, I got three things I was thrilled to get:  another dog, a smart phone and a car! These are in the order of what I was most excited about getting!

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  1. Nice hearing from you again. I remember you mentioning Shylo. I am glad he has a new home where he is cared for!


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