Sunday, December 22, 2013

Help We have a Kleptomaniac Dog

Keeping Shiner and Blue in the back went from them sleeping on a cushion to getting an area   rug from the Green Building and getting Shiner’s dog bed from Johnny’s car port,

to make the dogs as comfy as possible!
They have it made back there, but there is one problem…  okay, make it two problems…
Blue is a chewer. 
The cushions I put in the back for the dogs were covered  in what I thought was a blanket heavy enough to protect  them from the dogs; but Blue got bored at some point and chewed through the material and pulled some stuffing out of them.  He also got a hold of my leather boots and chewed them and he has a liking for chewing anything cardboard. dogs
The other problem is that Blue is a kleptomaniac and needs therapy!
He steals my stuff i.e. sun glasses, towels, gloves, hats,  and even stole my other leather boot. He takes it out of the RV and if I am lucky he leaves it lay somewhere around the RV. If I am not so lucky I have a lot of pairs of shoes that don’t match. He takes  whatever else he can get his teeth around! He even stole a pair of safety glasses from Dave’s toolbox while he was working on a cabin. 
I had to barricade all my stuff in the back so he couldn’t reach it. Besides that, having the dogs in the back is not a problem.

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