Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wild West is About to Get a Whole Lot Wilder!

WW1 (135)    I was out walking with the dogs and  taking pictures of the pretty fall colors,
We decided to take the trail to Wild West at Deer Lake Cabins Groups 2

WW212 With one dog going up the steps and 3 dogs on the ground; I think the cat had wings! He must have flown from that porch to the tree he landed in!
I got the dogs out of their as quick as I could, but I think this cat was down to 8 lives!
The dogs and I take a lot of walks and they always keep it interesting, from taking a swim weather it is 75 or 32 degrees, Nov1819  (16) or exploring places dogs probably shouldn’t goSingles 03[3] Nov1819  (36)    Singles 05 just so they can work on their tan! Singles 04 more swimming NOV2122 (45) NOV2122 (46)      Following me up the steps to Cedar Loft’s Balcony so I could take some photos, even though I told them all to “stay” that I would be right back! NOV2122 (103) On walks, Shiner likes to dig holes in the weirdest places,  NOV2122 (111) and Blue likes to go in or on the strangest things! Singles 10     solos 233  Shylo explores the draining of Natures Nest Pond Singles 16 Blue rescues drowning sticks  Singles 06 Shadow place hide and seek Solos 14
The Dogs love the walks in all kinds of weather however Shadow does prefers a raincoat if it is raining! NOV2122 (202) NOV2122 (203) and sometimes they even go for walks by themselves. This was one of the coldest days on the ranch this year. From the RV I watched shadow walk up to where Johnny was feeding the horses. I was waiting to see if Johnny would take the time to pet Shadow …   and he did Smile.


  1. That cat was near Log Cabin in October. We took Cinnamon, my chihuahua and she had the cat up the tree. I wonder whose cat it is?

  2. The cats were born on the ranch, Johnny feeds them and takes care of them.


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