Thursday, January 2, 2014

Texan’s On The Ranch Keep Complaining About How Cold It Is…

I just type in the forecast for our home in Wisconsin and I feel REALLY warm!
Granted for Texas this is cold and we need to keep the water dripping slowly for nights like tonight, but is is still a heck of a lot warmer here than Wisconsin!
The one thing I will never figure out is Dogs swimming in the cold, they don’t seem to mind going for a swim no matter what the temperature is.
Shylo and Blue both jumped in the lake tonight when it was just 30 degrees, I know from the past that dogs go in even when it is much colder than that, I just can’t understand why! 
NOV2122 (45)
Shiner and Blue have spent just about every night in the Toybox since we have been here, Blue has spent a couple of nights at Cathy’s, but we make sure they are safe from the cold.
When Blue took off for Cathy’s one night, Dave did something that surprised even me, he let Shiner in the living area of our RV, I couldn’t believe it!  (neither could Shiner)
It didn’t take her long to find out where the boys hide their bones and toys!  The boy’s were on their best behavior, all they did was watch.
That is until Shiner took one step away from the box, now Shylo was out to see about getting his paws on one of those bones! Shadow just laid there, I could almost hear him saying, “ you ain’t seen nothing yet, before you know it she will be on your bed and you will be on the floor” and… Shiner RV 4 he was right!  Shadow’s favorite spot is under the table but with Shiner in the house, he decided to take up a spot closer to her. It was either sweet on Shadow’s part or he just figured that Shiner will eventually steal his spot so he might as well conform now!
We weren’t sure how Shylo and Shiner would get along, but they are buddies too! Shiner is a bit more playful than Shadow and she tries to keep up with him and Blue. I think Shylo respects not only that but her in general. This is a photo of them watching me cut down dead trees.
Four dogs can be a handful, but I can’t think of anything else I would like to have my hands full of than dogs!

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