Monday, January 5, 2015

Back at Deer Lake Cabins for One More Winter

We have been back for one an a half months already! Time is flying faster than ever! Shadow and Shylo were very excited to meet up with Blue, and we were anxious to meet up with Johnny again.
I haven’t done much detecting, been working and spending my free time trying to make life more enjoyable and doable for Shadow who turned 14 in November!
The RV only has a few steps that go up to the bedroom, but they were too steep and Shadow would fall up them as much as stumble down them. We tried to use one of his ramps, but there really wasn't enough room to open it up where he could still take a straight shot at going up it, so every night you could sense his fear when it was time to go up to bed.
It took me several tries but I finally figured out a way to make something work! I knew I couldn't do anything permanent or put screws or nails into anything in the RV, so I figured out a way to make steps over the existing steps.

Now Shadow can go upstairs anytime he wants to and when it is time for bed, he can do it without fear of falling! I made them wider and 3 of them can be put aside until night time, it works like a charm! Click the Blue writing below to see a video of his new stairs!

Shadow's New Stairs click here! 

The steps on the youtube video was my first set of stairs, making them very wide and only a few inches apart. The first 3 steps I could put away during the day so we didn't have to trip over them. Then one day I was up stairs and all of a sudden Shadow is right behind me, so I realized I could down size the stairs big time, so I went with a more condensed version!

These work out perfect for him, and I don't have to move anything at night or in the morning, they are all removeable and I didn't drill hammer or change anything to the existing steps in the RV. 

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