Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Couple of nights of ear chilling coyote screaming!!!

We were at the Double S Ranch at Deer Lake Cabins in Scroggins for over 6 weeks, never hearing even one coyote distant or otherwise, then one night just before dark two packs that seemed to be less than a blocks away seemed to have found dinner! It was a chilling sound and scared the crap right out of me!
The next night, I made sure I was back to the RV before dusk, so I didn’t have to worry about Shadow and Shinner making the wrong kinds of friends!
They stuck around for about a week and now I have not heard them again for 3 weeks!
I still haven’t seen a Bobcat or anything like that. A lot of deer, squirrels, raccoon, opossum, birds and of course a lot of HORSES! Smile
        buck birds  (32) TUES DEER (57)
       thursday  (56)  buck birds  (63) thursday  (2)
                    Birds all 2
And just a few of the horse photos! Ponies
That is just some of the wildlife at the Double S Ranch!

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