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Other Work Done at Double S Ranch in the Past Few Weeks:

It started when Nicki and Joe resigned their position at Deer Lake Cabins. A beautiful log cabin that was built for them to reside in while employed at the ranch was now empty.

Its location is where the old saw mill use to be, so it is referred to as the Saw Mill House.


They asked Dave to make a few changes to it so it could become another vacation rental. So he spent  some time there getting it ready. There was a double doorway that came to be when the initial design of the cabin was changed. This was a door that lead to another door that led to one of the bedrooms.

He worked on turning this into an entertainment center. He also turned the very large laundry room into a smaller bedroom by adding some French doors and removing the sink. He also did some landscaping to make it more presentable.

   DSCN4371 DSCN4374 DSCN4377

I have a couple of before pictures, but no after pictures as of yet. Dave no more than got it done and it was rented and rented again for spring break. I should be able to get in later this week for some after photos.

He was also asked to clear some trees and excavate an area for them to place the new building on.

Well if you know Dave, he was in his glory because this is the kind of work he Loves to do! Give the man a chain saw and he will be a happy guy.

He and Johnny worked on this project together. They got the ground cleared and flattened so the new building  could delivered.

I had just trimmed the trees on this road a few days before, so when the cabin came in, there were only three limbs that needed to be removed. Dave had to cut one of the ranch gates so they could get the cabin on the property!


It was exciting to watch them as they drove this house down these bumpy dirt roads!


Sally and Stan watched them drive it in, they were behind the truck with the cabin on it. Sally said from their perspective it looked like they were going to hit trees or that it was going to rock off the truck when it hit some of the bigger bumps!

Some turns were sharper than others, and some required a little more help maneuvering than others,


But it all went off without a glitch! The men who delivered the cabin knew what they were doing and they did a great job!

It was very interesting watching how they got the cabin off of the truck. What a back breaking job these men have! I could not believe how many big bricks they needed to spread around the cabin. Then watching them put them under the structure and getting everything leveled out so they could slide the truck out from underneath!    

              29th  (2) 29th  (3)

                                       29th  (8)

Once that was done, I figured the truck drivers jobs were done, not the case! Once the cabin was free form the truck, they still  had about 4 more hours worth of work balancing and leveling and etc.


The cabin for now is just a shell, the inside all needs to be completed. Unfortunately Dave and I will be gone, so this project will need to be completed by someone else!

Once they got the new building set up, he still had more work to do at  DSCN3414 .

He still had 3 bedroom windows and Wild West Final Improvements 22  4 living room windows to install

                                      Wild West Final Improvements 16 001 (8)

He also got around to putting in the new counter top. Wild West Final Improvements 16 The Wild West is almost complete, now in between other projects and working around the guest schedule, he just need some time to complete the outdoor rustic grill area. We have the design figured out, I am excited that we are going to be able to use some bullet casings and  some Horseshoes  that I found on the ranch with my  Metal Detector in the design!

He is a sneak preview of what he has done so far: Wild West Final Improvements 01 

                     Wild West Final Improvements 02 Wild West Final Improvements 05

It took me about 20 hours to find all of the bullets, and only about 3 hours to get them all cleaned up and ready to use! I can’t wait to see how that all turns out!

The day these photos were taken, we had planned to take a horse ride to the pizza place right outside of Kings Country. When I went over to see if we were still on, I could here him on the phone talking about tractor repairs and landscaping before the rain came in; I knew our ride wasn’t going to happen.

I don’t let it get me down when our plans change. I am really proud of Dave and it is because of his hard work and his work ethic that we get to do things like this in the first place. I know he appreciates not having to deal with an angry wife on top of all the other things he is already doing!

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