Sunday, January 25, 2015

We Found Another Dog!

Dave calls me and asks if wanted another dog… He found him while he was working on the new maintenance building. He goes on to say it weighs about 125 pounds and his name is Chance!  DSCF1607

Dave wasn’t kidding, he is a BIG Boy!DSCF1616

Shylo and Blue wanted to play with him but it was obvious,that that wasn’t going to work! Don’t get me wrong, Chance was a gentle giant, but Shadow would have gotten trampled in all the excitement! So he spent the day working with Dave.

Dave call the home again number about 3 hours before he brought Chance up here, DSCF1613 since nothing happened with that, I called the SPCA and gave them the rabies number, while I was on hold, they contacted the owner and got my permission for them to give him my number! It was that fast, however he was in Dallas and he needed to get a hold of his daughter to get the dog.

So after Dave was done working Chance came back up here, a couple hours had gone by and we were wondering if anyone was going to claim him since the guy called from a private number and the SPCA was now closed AND Monday was a holiday. If no one called for him, I don’t know what we would do. I could not imagine having this dog in the RV if he were the ONLY dog!

Last year when we found a Corgi, that was a different story! (a funny video of that can be seen here): 

We had to tie Chance up and then taking turns letting the dogs out, so we could keep Shadow safe.


Found Dog

The Music on the Video comes from the free music achieves, The song is “Good to Go” by Josh Woodward. Creative Commons Licensing can be found here: 


Several hours went by since I talked to the person in Dallas, but FINALLY someone called!

Don’t worry, we fed him, kept him company and spoiled him rotten while he was with us!

DSCF1620 DSCF1644

Turns out Chance was also a resident of Kings Country Just like the Corgi, so maybe by Chance we will see him again! LOL

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